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About a year ago

we started toying around with how technology, particularly short range wireless, could improve user experiences for the bike market.



Bike Theft in Urban Areas

  • Is a growing problem in a variety of areas experiencing an increase in ridership


  • Unfortunately bike recovery is a low priority activity for law enforcment


  • In a city of hundred of thousands of bicycles a missing bicycle can get lost in the crowd.


  • It's easy to feel isolated and helpless when your beloved bike is missing. 

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Bike Accidents in Urban Areas

  • Urban cycling is a relatively safe activity, however potential accidents are always a possibility. 


  • Having a bike accident can be a disorienting experience and it's a daunting task to call for help during those critical initial moments.


  • Concussions are a reality and very often riders may ignore early warning signs.


  • It's possible to feel isolated and alone after an accident has occurred.